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February 4, 2012, 12:47 pm
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November 21, 2011, 11:08 am
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June 18, 2011, 7:48 pm
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it has a been a while hasn’t it!

but i’ve got a whole host of free tunes for ye…just click the names below, follow the links, and there you have it :)

Summer Camp – Nobody Knows You

Strummerville (Glastonbury) – Mixtape

Colorfeels – Your High Fidelity Train Ride

The Rosebuds – Woods

Mechanical Bride – Colour Of Fire 

Laura Hocking And The Long Goodbye – Four Letter Word

Hyde And Beast – Pictures In The Sky

Crystal Antlers – Summer Solstice

Ed Sheeran – One Take EP

The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow

Slow Club – Two Cousins

Urban Outfitters Mixtape

Vetiver – Wonder Why

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Same Mistake

The Kooks -Saboteur

Esperanza Spalding – I’ll Look Around

Marissa Nadler plus more…

Wild Beasts – Loop The Loop


June 17, 2011, 7:22 pm
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to get in the mood for glasto!

&& the proper showing off this is going to be on bbc 4, later tonight at 10.30!

ps…going to throw tons of freebies your way tomorrow, so be prepared!


June 10, 2011, 4:59 pm
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here’s your FT  for this week!


And As Promised….
June 6, 2011, 8:31 pm
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….here’s that Bon Iver review, taken from new blog!

In two weeks, the follow-up to Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, will be released to the world. One of the most hotly-anticipated records for some time, the self-titled album sees three years of progress, change and experiences come alive through a ten-track masterpiece.
The first listen may very well lead to some raised eyebrows from those half-expecting, half-hoping, for a return to For Emma. However Justin Vernon has lived a somewhat transformed life since his first Bon Iver venture. Following his first record receiving almighty praise from across the globe, Vernon has worked on numerous brilliant projects, including Anais Mitchell’s sensational folk opera,Hadestown, new groups such as Volcano Choir and the 1980’s-influenced GAYNGS, and of course Kanye West’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Vernon’s journey has been not just a busy one, but an inspired one, which is most certainly reflected in Bon Iver.
Moreover, he has moved from that famous log cabin where he recorded For Emma, to his own veterinarian-clinic-renovated recording studio located near his hometown of Eau Claire in the same state of Wisconsin. As expected, the sound on his new album has moved on too, yet there are still obvious examples of his previous record shining through. That wonderful, emotional, trademark falsetto flows throughout, as does Vernon’s adoption of atmospheric, layered synths and harmonies, made most notable in the 2009 four-track EP, Blood Bank. What the gentlemen of Bon Iver have done, is add a much bolder, instrumental sound, illustrating Vernon’s journey since For Emma, and portraying a much more assertive, animated and essentially contented feel throughout. The addition of flourishing strings, Greg Leisz’ pedal steel, powerful horns from CJ Camerieri, Colin Stetson and Mike Lewis, and Bon Iver regulars Sean Carrey, Mike Noyce and Matt McCaughan with their swooping and haunting vocals, makes Bon Iver a stronger, more mature sounding record, without removing the fragility of Vernon’s tones.
His lyrics, whilst still randomly beautiful, also show signs of self-advancement as he declares, ‘I’m growing like the quickening hues’ – Wash., and, ‘I ainʼt living in the dark no more’ – Beth/Rest. In addition, his poetic words display moments of great affection and heartstrings-pulling love, but unlike For Emma, are declared with positivity and anticipation. Justin Vernon announced that despite his lyrics being an extension of his first Bon Iver record, he wanted to take a step away from the emotional story-telling that made up For Emma. For him, he intended this new work to be more vague, more unspecific, in order to welcome all listeners to Bon Iver’s sound and concentrate on the beauty of the melodies over anything else.
The almost step away from the pure emotions of For Emma seems like a step made right, and each track on this new record portrays Vernon’s past three years. The title track, Perth, for example, starts the record with a military-style burst of drums and the words, ‘I’m tearing up, across your face / move dust through the light, to find your face.’ A hard-hitting declaration if ever there was one. It then sweeps into Minnesota, WI, another powerful vocal, stating ‘Never gonna break!’, over the top of softly plucked guitars. Holocene reflects the absolute emotion and beauty that Vernon clings to throughout his writing, creating one of the finest tracks of the record, made up of sensational, culminating acoustics and honest declarations. Towers is of equal beauty, reflecting the influence of Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown on Vernon’s work, whilstMichicant tells a fine tale of youth and love, ‘hung up in the ivory, both were climbing for a finer cause / love can hardly leave the room / with your heart.’ Of all the tracks, Hinnom, TX and Wash.are the least impressionable and the former offers some slightly irritating vocals from the leading man. Yet, there is clear inspiration from Vernon’s work with Kanye West creeping through which cannot be disparaged. The track Calgary, already made public, displays Bon Iver’s growing sound fantastically, as the guitars, drums and vocal expand into a rushing cry of delight, before dying out eloquently into the non-vocal Lisbon, OH.The final track, Beth/Rest is one that puts on a plate all the influences, admirations and changes to Vernon as a person and musically. Though some may feel this a step too far from Bon Iver, this possibly GAYNGS-inspired, definitely 80’s-inspired track brings the album to an emotional and unexpected end, perhaps offering an insight to what is next to come from Justin Vernon and his extremely talented merry men.
Whatever does come next from Bon Iver, it is sure to be greeted with the same amount of hype as this soon to be released record. Though it is a move away from For Emma, Forever Ago, which may not be appreciated by all, and does have a few, (though small), weaknesses, Bon Iver reflects brilliantly the progression of Vernon’s lyrics, music, recording skills, courage and all round talent. It is sure to be one of 2011’s finest.
Dom Kay

Folk, Photos And Finishing

i’d like to throw a few things your way this evening if that’s ok :)

first of all, i have a new blog!

it is chiefly aimed at spreading the wonderful world of folk to the masses, but will also include a number of other music genres etc just to keep you on your toes! i’d absolutely love it if you could pay it a visit once in a while, but don’t worry, The Checkered Mind will still continue as i splurge out nonsensical, longwinded ramblings from day to day!

click the link below to go to Thank Folk For That!

the first post is a review is of Bon Iver’s new self-titled album, and as a little treat i’ll pop it on here too so you can get a sneaky read in :)

secccondly, the end is drawing near on University life. four years of pure, unadulterated, dedicated studying (ahem…) has come to an end and as i begin to pack away all the junk i’ve collected, i can’t help but feel somewhat sad that i’m leaving this Scottish seaside town, despite my many moanings over the years!

i’ve met some quite brilliant people, done things i never thought i would, lived in some hell-holes, somehow blagged my way through essays and exams coming out with as little history knowledge as i had back in 2007, made some hilarious mistakes, made some never-regretful decisions, been to liquid at least 10 times, more than i ever should, shared some historical moments, waded into the north sea resulting in a 5 second case of bollocks-loss, been to rugby games, balls, and mountains, written a bloomin’ dissertation, watched dolphins at sunrise, danced like a twat in exodus, snowboarded, went on the hunt for the legendary one legged prostitute at the docks (lol) and bought a fish that eats better than i do…so Aberdeen,  it’s not been too bad!

and, finally, having pretty much nothing to do this week, i thought i’d go on a few travels – went back up Bennachie with Cal and Marc, visited the insane ‘shop’ near Montrose again, mooched on down to Edinburgh for a few days and hit the beach with the camera and Sloan…here are a few snaps from my travels, and you can see more on my flickr if you click the link on the left :)